Just a regular ass dude with decent taste. Exploring love, life, jawnz and the pursiut of social conplacency.

Live from the gutter.

Live from the gutter.


Malcolm Dia...Designer

I just recently realized the importance of writing in the world. For the longest time I thought that visuals were everything; design was everything. But now the more and more I take a look at industries I love and people I admire, I realize that a strong grasp on literature is a common thread.

I think it really comes down to your voice. Tone of voice. It's worth everything. Just like a designers artistic vision.  It's something that can't be taught but can definitely be zoomed in on and honed. That's what I plan to do. I want to craft a candid, honest, and unapologetic tone of voice in my writing. I want to connect with people who share my passions and ideas and I'm starting to think that honing in on that voice might be the best way.

My main weakness though admittedly is follow through. I have to keep this going. Write at least one post a day to start. Then take it from there. 

This incarnation of Casual is going to focus on style, sex, and life. For the guys out there who are kind of like me. This is going to be amazing.

Follow through.


Hit me - malcolmd3@gmail.com