Fuck All Fashion Publications.

Out the Gate.

Out the Gate.

Fuck all fashion publications. An extremely hot take, I know. But honestly fuck em! At the end of the day opinions from people you don't know about what's hot what's now and who dresses well and who doesn't really doesn't matter. They want to influence you. They want to start a trend for the credit of starting a trend or sell you some shit through an affiliate link and at the end of the day they don't care about your ass.

It's okay though because some day you, my swagless friend, will pop your head out of the proverbial cloud of bullshit just that is the fashion world and you'll realize that you don't need them. Your own life can inform your style. And *that* is what's really valuable. You can dress yo god damn self and do it super fucking well. 

Take a trip down to Miami to see how a true papi pulls off a vintage Baby blue Bowling shirt. Or pop over to Japan and watch people pull off that pure Americana Steeze better than we ever could. Observe the world and it's stylish ass inhabitants and let that inform your style rather than X publication. Then watch as you effortlessly ascend into jawnz heaven. You're welcome.