Love & Hatred.

We gather here on Valentines Day to ask a simple question. What does love look like in a social world?



It looks fucking horrible. People my age are so mar'd down by not only social media but social pressures and expectations that love has taken on a completely different connotation than during our parents prime years. It really is kind of fucking crazy to think about. 

When was the last time that you had a romantic interaction that wasn't unconsciously fueled by some movie you watched in the past? We approach almost all of the social interactions that take place during a typical day through the lens of the the movies and tv shows we saw growing up. Add on top of that the crippling social anxiety that comes with checking our gram feeds twice every five minutes and we have a complete fucking social disaster. 

So now you're thinking...where the hell does love come into this you fucking idiot? Alright love, my friend, is the saving grace. Its the lifeline. Its the hand reaching out into the void that is your consciousness the reel you back in. Being in love with someone allows you to really let go and drop all of the bullshit you've picked up over the last 10 years. It allows you to connect with someone on a level you didn't know existed. It truly liberating.

There is a flip side though. Its fucking scary. Being that free also opens you up to be just as vulnerable. Thats where you get the downsides of love...the hatred the possesivenes, the jealousy, the low self esteem. But there is a cure. the more you open up and let in, the easier and better it gets. It's that simple.